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  • Possession of rock lobster tails

    You must only be in possession of whole rock lobsters (immediately before consumption), however you may now possess rock lobster tails (shell on) at your principle place of residence.

  • Rock lobster pot specifications

    The specifications for rock lobster pots have been simplified. See our Recreational fishing for rock lobster guide for details.

  • Simpler rules for pink snapper fishing in Shark Bay

    In Shark Bay’s inner gulfs, the 700 mm maximum size limit for pink snapper has been removed. 

    There is also no longer a requirement to land pink snapper in whole form, but Statewide filleting rules apply. 

    In Freycinet Estuary, the pink snapper tag lottery has been removed and replaced with a new possession limit of 5 kg of filleted fish or one day’s bag limit of whole fish or fish trunks. This applies to all finfish, not just pink snapper.