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Shark, hammerhead

Family Sphyrnidae

Fishing using a wire trace from Tim's Thicket Beach to 5 km north of Two Rocks out to 800 m is illegal.

Fishing for this species from a powered boat requires a Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence (RFBL).

An RFBL is required for any fishing activity from a powered boat including:

  • line fishing (handline, rod and line, squid jigging);
  • catching crabs;
  • spearfishing;
  • catching octopus;
  • dip-netting for prawns; and
  • fishing by diving and/or snorkelling.

You require an RFBL for these fishing activities even if you are returning your catch to the water.

You also require an RFBL when a powered boat is used to transport your catch or fishing gear to or from a land-based fishing location, including an island or sandbar.

You don’t need an RFBL if you are:

  • Fishing from a boat without a motor; such as a row boat.
  • Fishing from a licensed fishing tour operator’s vessel or fishing charter boat.
  • Fishing with a person who holds an RFBL, provided the total catch of everyone on board the boat stays within the bag limit(s) or boat limit(s) of the one or more fishers who hold an RFBL.
  • Taking part in a fishing activity for which you already hold a current licence, such as rock lobster or abalone fishing. For example, if you have a licence to fish for rock lobster and that is the only fishing activity that is taking place on the boat, you don’t need an RFBL.

How to get a licence

Apply for a new licence or renew an existing licence online.  

Alternatively, application forms are available from Department of Fisheries offices and online.

Note: If you are boat fishing for demersal species in the West Coast Bioregion you must carry a release weight on board.